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22 Jul

Our trip to Nepal is one that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.  Though we tried, our words and pictures do not do it justice.  However, I am thankful for them because I know that for years to come, we will be able to relive this adventure through these stories we have shared.  And we hope that you too have gained something through them.  We want to thank everyone for taking this journey with us, sharing with us in the tears and the laughter that we experienced along the way.  It was a difficult road, in many ways, but it was made easier by the support and encouragement of our loved ones at home.  I want to thank my mom and dad for letting me tag along, always having to request a roll-away in the hotel room and squeeze in a little closer in the tiny taxis.  I am so grateful I was able to share these experiences with them.  And finally, we would like to thank the people of Nepal, without whom these stories would not have their characters, their humor, their sadness and their reality.  We were truly touched by the warmth and kindness of the Nepali people, and we hope to imbue in others their principles in life.



At Bhaktapur, an ancient Newar town in Kathmandu

A view of the Kathmandu Valley from Swayambhunath

Namaste from Nepal